[Users] I keep receiving my own posts for bug reports

Jim Pachowski jimmy.patch at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 05:32:00 CET 2018

> My current mail service provider is Gmail (and researching

1. Gmail supports advanced filtering. It is hidden. I use Gmail. Can
confirm. Anyway, figure it out or ask Gmail users or Google support.
Not here.

2. Like you have (hopefully) realised, every community has its rules,
culture, conventions, and peculiarities. What you (and a few others)
have not seemed to realise is that when you join one, you see an
oddity you did not expect (bug reports on a users mailing list), when
you ask either why or for the removal of the oddity (your email about
it) it is for the community managers to decide. In this case, it has
been said the bugzilla echo on the mailing list is deliberate. End of
story. Now it is your job to deal with it. The door is always open.

3. Because you cannot fathom how to use a software or figure out
workflows with multiple software/situations, you should not hope to
bend the environment to suite you. You need to adapt. There is help
available. However, there is a huge difference in asking "How do I do
X" vs "Why do I have to do X".


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