[Users] See the 'FILES' section of `man claws-mail` for brief descriptions of the files.

Removed GDPR removed-gdpr at example.com
Thu Mar 8 23:55:24 CET 2018

Thank you guys. Surely I am not ready to spend thousands of dollars for
anything like that. I don't feel it is an utterly complicated question
and surely a developer who knows how the program works and how its
files are organized should be able to answer instantly, without testing any
complicated scenarios etc. E.g. what are the "cache" and "tmp"
files/dirs used for, if they need to be backed up etc.

I understand there is a concern about the way I ask questions:

>  but ask them in the message body and not in the subject, yes? :)

Can you please explain what would be the proper form to ask this current

I think the subject is the proper place to put the question shortly
because it is the first thing which one sees and based on that one
can decide whether to read the body or not. Then the body can contain
details. In some cases I put in the body just "subject" to avoid
repetition. It is more time efficient, wouldn't you agree? Or would you
insist that I repeat the subject in the body too?

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