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Andrej Kacian ticho at claws-mail.org
Thu Mar 8 20:45:45 CET 2018

Ok, can we all please stop dogpiling on George now? Sure, he ruffled a
few feathers with some aspects of how he communicates on this list (I
too am grinding my teeth everytime he asks a question in subject and
only says "Subject" in the message body :) ), but I believe he is in
earnest and not acting with any malice.

Plus, like any other new user with a fresh perspective, he often asks
very pertinent (if sometimes uncomfortable, at least for the developers)
questions, and notices bugs that developers or long-time users do not
even notice, or take for granted. That alone is worth it, in my view.

George, lot of the stuff you mention is something that could use some
work, be it documentation that we know is often lacking, or incorrect
behavior in the app itself. Claws Mail is a rather big program with lot
of layers of code, both newer and older, and there are only a few active
developers left, with very limited time, and big TODO lists each.

By all means, keep asking questions, but be aware that sometimes the
answers won't be exactly what you need or want. There are hidden
bugs that need uncovering, but there are also features which have been
the way they are for many years for a good reason.

Anyway, I wrote a bit more than I initially set out to. Basically, we
all discharged some of the tension, but let's dial it down now,
please. :)

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