[Users] See the 'FILES' section of `man claws-mail` for brief descriptions of the files.

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Thu Mar 8 17:50:17 CET 2018

> Well you need to realise that nothing comes for nothing, if you want
> knowledge you need to invest time and effort.

I already explained that I have read the man page as suggested. If you
suggest that one should become an electronics engineer if the TV manual
is incomplete that is hardly the best suggestion :)

> It won't. Everything will be fucked up. You are asking for a database,
> Claws doesn't have one. RSS feeds are viewed as volatile and
> non-protected.

Which contradicts the whole suggestion to backup everything.

> Temp folders are never intended to be permanent, if it says "temp" or
> "tmp" then ignore that folder. If you restore from a backup then do
> that in a new directory and sanitise it before you copy it over your
> real .claws-mail, always have copies of the current file tree in case
> you make a mistake.

Sure, this sanitizing is a common sense. But although file names can
imply they cannot reveal the complete role of the file or its time span
in the functionality of a program. Also as I mentioned there are
leftovers which are not named "temp".

> I've tried to be helpful and have replied to you several times with
> assistance and suggestions...

Thanks - for all the times. Unfortunately the question still remains
and it seems that only a developer who knows the intricacies of the
program can shed light on the subject. There is hardly any need to
accuse the questioner for being too interested just because others
also don't have the info he is asking for. Surely there are people
who have it, so my question is to whoever this may apply. Peace.

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