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Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Thu Mar 8 17:32:09 CET 2018

As a sidenote (no need to follow-up):

When writing to developers (like, mailing lists or bug reports or personal) i try to point out my problem and also tell how i expect it to work, instead (which always is part of a good bug report) and if i have that time, i try to find out how it could work 'internally' and what part might be difficult to implement. 

Sometimes this leads me to realize that i am very demanding (implying a large refactoring or redesign of the whole thing) and then i change the problem to some core element that could-be-achieved-rather-easily even if it does not fully solve my full needs.
This often results in re-wording the subject to something more precise, too.

It's a little precompiling of the problem, trying to see it from the developers point of view. 

(I admit that i still often suck with spontaneous tatter, for many human reasons, don't nail me down on that)


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