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Thu Mar 8 01:29:19 CET 2018

Hello George,

On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 01:49:52 +0200 Removed GDPR <removed-gdpr at example.com> wrote:

> > The Subject: should be a short descriptive statement about the
> > message. The body should be able to stand on its own. In this way
> > there is nothing lost if or when the subject is changed or the thread
> > drifts.  
> Is that not the case? Or is there anything unclear in the question that
> I have to ask in a different way? Or are you explaining in general?
> > This is an simple basic rule of email, mailing lists, and Usenet. The
> > discusion belongs completely in the body.  
> I am sure Paul knows much better than me how these things work.
> FWIW: This is the first time I am using a mailing list. Never touched
> Usenet.

Mike did summarize very well the very few common rules in mailing lists
(1), without mentioning the whole netiquette (2) or local rules (like
avoid big attachments, don't post twice the same question, avoid
political or off-topic subjects): don't communicate using the subject
only (it's just a short version of the whole question asked in body -
the discussion resides in the body), don't top-post, use prefixed
quotation (see the > chars above), trim long stuff, don't steal topics
by asking your own question into a thread that has nothing to do with
it (post a new email instead of replying to an existing one, in that
case), generally don't change subject when replying, be polite, watch
your tone, etc.

There are also norms and standardization efforts about email and other
communications ways (some RFC's you can consult online (3)) but they
are quite technical. In addition to that, since it's very hard to guess
one's tone and intentions by reading him/her (unless you know him/her
well), the use of smileys can save us flame wars, sometimes. The notion
of trolling and flooding also matters. All that usually helps in
mailing list where individualities, cultures and personal characters try
to communicate.

But, if you're new to mailing lists, (and nobody here can presume about
your use to email software) nobody should invoke common sense since it's
all about (a very little bit of common sense but a lot of) education
and learning, so be forgiven and feel free to ask what are the rules in
case of any doubt. Commonly, if you get to reply it's either because
you did something wrong (nobody wants to reply because of that), nobody
reads or nobody knows.

(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style
(2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette
(3) https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1855.txt


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