[Users] claws on an nvme

Andreas Fink finkandreas at web.de
Wed Jun 20 07:40:56 CEST 2018

On Wed, 20 Jun 2018 08:26:22 +0300
Shai Berger <shai at platonix.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Jun 2018 14:09:30 -0500
> ralph <suselist at cableone.net> wrote:
> > 
> > So, is there a way to move/configure just the the 'Trash' folder to
> > an alternate location on a spinning drive where it's safe to run
> > shred? 
> As far as I'm aware, there's no such way in Claws, but since folders
> in Claws are also folders on the file-system, you can simply move the
> folder to whatever disk you like and put a soft-link to it from the
> original location (I think this is a little more complicated on
> Windows than on Unix-like systems, but possible there too)
> Have fun,
> 	Shai.

Yes it is possible. You can create a local mailbox somewhere on your
spinning drive, and go to "Edit Accounts -> Edit -> Advance -> Put
deleted messages in".
However I do not see how this will solve your problem... Now a message
is moved from your nvme device to the spinning device when you delete
it. In the trash folder you can shred it, i.e. safe deletion. However
on your nvme device it has never been safely deleted, hence the bits
and bytes of it are still floating around to be read by NSA ;)


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