[Users] Disable Metadata?

Andrej Kacian ticho at claws-mail.org
Sat Jun 9 09:17:24 CEST 2018

On Sat, 09 Jun 2018 02:22:25 +0200
Paul <01234+clawsmail at posteo.net> wrote:

> Hello Andrej!
> Thanks for your answer. I can find the listed metadata via webmail in 
> the mail header in my (IMAP) sent folder, so in my case they are sended.
> "SCF:#imap/LOCAL_CHOOSEN_MAILBOX_NAME/Sent" bother me the most, i was 
> surprised because for me it's an local given name, and in my case i 
> manage many different mail accounts.
> Do you know where i can find an explanation of those abbreviations?

Again, they are *not* sent out with the email. They are merely saved
with your local copy of the sent e-mail.

You can verify that easily by sending an e-mail to yourself and
inspecting the message that arrives to your inbox.

These headers are not documented anywhere outside of the source code:



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