[Users] [Bug 4059] Sort by date works incorrectly

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Sun Jul 22 10:15:47 CEST 2018


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> When I said "I see no reason whatsoever why Claws
> Mail should prefer any order within such a pair", I
> meant that either order is OK and CM should be free
> to pick the order it sees fit.

I know what you meant but it is still wrong. CM should
not "be free" but should do what we need = correct
sorting. How exactly this should be achieved - I really
don't know but it is wrong to see a future event
appear earlier than a past one. Whether it would be a
matter of involving additional checks in the sorting
algorithm or something else on the computer side, the
human expectation is that the past is before the
future. Expecting the user to be an expert who would
understand why things work wrongly and based on that
accept the wrong behavior is also a wrong expectation.

I hope that clarifies.

> My point, to be perfectly clear: The results you
> have seen are not wrong.

Based on what was explained and demonstrated: Not only
they are wrong but also inconsistent.

> To explain it even more: [...] if you have two
> messages with the exact same date (like in your
> examples), you should not expect any specific
> ordering between them.

I understand your logic but it still doesn't explain
the inconsistency observed when moving the message
pairs between different folders.

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