[Users] [Bug 4059] Sort by date works incorrectly

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--- Comment #5 from Shai Berger <shai at platonix.com> ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> > Given that the red/black pairs are really copies of
> > the same message (with the same date value), I see
> > no reason whatsoever why Claws Mail should prefer
> > any order within such a pair.
> Also there is no reason why CM should prefer showing
> an event in the future (received message) before an
> event happened in the past (sent message) or changing
> that by just moving the pair to another folder.

I must have been unclear in my earlier comment.

When I said "I see no reason whatsoever why Claws Mail should prefer any order
within such a pair", I meant that either order is OK and CM should be free to
pick the order it sees fit.

> Well, it can be argued that achieving a quick but
> wrong result is not really a gain.

My point, to be perfectly clear: The results you have seen are not wrong.

To explain it even more: Suppose I send you a message at 14:00, but for some
reason, it takes two hours to arrive. I also send you another message at 15:00,
and for some (other) reason, that one takes only two minutes to arrive. When
you have received both messages, and sort the folder by date, the 14:00 message
should show first, although it arrived later -- because it is dated earlier.
"Sorting by date" should not take into account the order of network events, but
just the date as it shows in the message.

And thus, if you have two messages with the exact same date (like in your
examples), you should not expect any specific ordering between them.

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