[Users] Two IMAP accounts - received mail goes to just one - updated - no filtering

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at gmx.net
Sat Jan 20 20:11:20 CET 2018

On Sat, 20 Jan 2018 12:17:26 -0500, Reid Vail wrote:

> Yes I do have two folder trees.  One for Runbox, which is the default,
> and a second shown below that for gmail. When I poll for new mail Claws
> checks each separately.  Runbox first and then Gmail.

What happens if you _don't_ "poll", but browse the folders of one account's
INBOX without accessing the other account?

And with "poll", I assume you refer to using the "Get Mail" button?

> All the folders and messages in my Claws accounts are duplicates of
> what is on the servers.

Of course, and therefore accessing one IMAP server cannot show any
messages stored on the other IMAP server, unless you sync them somehow.

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