[Users] [Bug 3949] opening account preferences window crashes when compiled with ./configure --disable-dbus

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Mon Jan 15 19:39:21 CET 2018


--- Comment #11 from Martin Väth <claws-mail at mvath.de> ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> As far as I know, neither ASLR nor PIC/PIE is a problem when working with
> gdb.

This used to be different some years ago until gdb was fixed. I was
conjecturing that this fix was perhaps not up-to-date for the new gcc -fPIE
implementation. But it seems now that it works indeed fine (see below).

> My guess is that you do not have the splitdebug feature enabled

I have called ./configure ... && make (no make install) manually as a user and
have run it directly from the src-directory. In fact, the symbols are there and
debugging works perfectly: After adding an artificial assignment to *NULL for
testing purposes, I got a completely sane backtrace with function and variable
names. But after the above crash, I still get only the meaningless junk...
Of course, glib & friends are not compiled with debugging symbols, but this
does not explain why there does not appear at least one function from
claws-mail. Maybe this crash occurs in some auxiliary thread, only, which
exists only within glib?

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