[Users] IMAP and CM

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Mon Dec 24 12:56:04 CET 2018


after years of using CM for POP accounts i recently switch to use IMAP.
But i noticed some problems with it and i really don't k now if it is
feature or my configuration. I have own Dovecot and exim4 for delivering via
dovecot's LMTP (bot used for long time via POP3), then problems can be
on this side too.

Please, can someone help my/pont me with these problems:

1. incoming emails are not checked by bogofilter, or at least no
X-Bogosity header is added into them (configured in bogofilter plugin
to add it). What i need to to get it?

2. new emails are noticed by the notification plugin, but i have set
the "run command" when a new mail arrive (to use TTS), and this
command is not run (yes it worked, until aj switch to IMAP). Have i do
something extra to get this work with IMAP?

3. i see persistent connection to IMAP server and NOOP command every 60
sec. I have enabled dovecot's push_notification plugin
(https://wiki2.dovecot.org/Plugins/PushNotification) but i not see
anything on NOOP response, when new mail is delivered by the dovecot's
LMTP. It is not working in CM or i have something wrong?

4. beside the NOOP command, the server is pulled at global interval. Is
polling really needed? Can i choose if to do polling or to use NOOP?


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