[Users] Some questions from new/old claws user

Jeremy Nicoll jn.ml.clwm.729 at letterboxes.org
Tue Dec 11 16:53:26 CET 2018

On Tue, 11 Dec 2018, at 15:25, John Long wrote:

> 3. Since nobody has pointed to a problem in the raw message, it
> suggests there is a bug in the copy of claws-mail I'm running. If
> somebody did point out the problem in the message, it could help
> resolving the issue.

I don't think there's anything special about the message whose
headers you posted. 

> But they could point out the part of the raw message text that contains
> the tag so we could have something to go on. Simply repeating "the code
> doesn't do that" is not helpful in resolving the issue.

There's nothing in the raw message that you posted, that I can see.

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