[Users] Lost my address book and alias accounts

buhtz at posteo.de buhtz at posteo.de
Fri Dec 7 22:50:34 CET 2018

I also still have addrbook-1.xml, addrbook-2.xml and addrbook-3.xml in
my claws-mail folder. The content of them looks ok to me - there are my
old addresses.

But claws doesn't recognize this xml files.

On 2018-12-07 07:52 <buhtz at posteo.de> wrote:
> I am using Claws for years - currently on Debian stable.
> I am not sure about it but maybe there was an update in the last two
> days. But I havened check if Claws was a part of it.
> The current version her is 3.14.1.
> Opening Claws I got the messing "addressbook index missing". The
> adressbook is empty.
> Also my two alias accounts are lost. The mailbox in claws and the
> folders on the hard disc are still present.
> My configuration is so old and long ago that I even don't know how to
> configure alias accounts. :D
> Is there regular way for aliases in Claws or do I have to create a
> full account for each alias just all of them using the same
> mbox-folder?
> But the biggest question: Does anyone have an idea what was going on
> here? Why do I lost the accounts and addressbook?
> I think the mails themselfs are still here.
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