[Users] Lost my address book and alias accounts

buhtz at posteo.de buhtz at posteo.de
Fri Dec 7 07:52:08 CET 2018

I am using Claws for years - currently on Debian stable.

I am not sure about it but maybe there was an update in the last two
days. But I havened check if Claws was a part of it.

The current version her is 3.14.1.

Opening Claws I got the messing "addressbook index missing". The
adressbook is empty.

Also my two alias accounts are lost. The mailbox in claws and the
folders on the hard disc are still present.
My configuration is so old and long ago that I even don't know how to
configure alias accounts. :D
Is there regular way for aliases in Claws or do I have to create a full
account for each alias just all of them using the same mbox-folder?

But the biggest question: Does anyone have an idea what was going on
here? Why do I lost the accounts and addressbook?

I think the mails themselfs are still here.

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