[Users] Advance to next message when Trash is clicked

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 20:27:01 CEST 2018

Hey there,

Cristian Secară wrote:
> În data de Sat, 14 Apr 2018 13:30:37 -0400, Little Girl a scris:
> > > It should be manually added in Configuration -> Preferences...
> > > -> Toolbars -> Main Window    
> > 
> > Ah, okay, thank you. I'll make a note of it for when I get that
> > version of Claws Mail.  
> I suppose you already have that in preferences. It was the same in
> Sylpheed long ago, so it should be there already in Claws Mail (?).

I don't see it. I have these:

Main Window: Compose, Send, Stop, Preferences, and Trash.

Message Window: Reply, All, Sender, Forward, Trash, Spam, and Next.

Compose Window: Draft, Insert, Attach, Address, and Send.
> > Will it also give you a confirmation message if you don't click
> > the Execute button and you leave the folder you're currently in?  
> Currently the confirmation is required only when leaving the folder
> with marked messages in place, but not for the execute button.

That's perfect, and exactly what I'd like it to do.

> However, I cannot remember if there was in fact such a confirmation
> message even for the execute button with a checkbox like "don't
> remind me again" which perhaps I checked at one point.

With what you just said above, I wouldn't even need the execute

> As a personal preference, I would have liked that the trash action
> to perform in a toggle manner, i.e. pressing delete key or clicking
> trash icon on already marked for deletion message to un-mark it.

You'd have to return to the message you just trashed manually to
accomplish that if it was an available option. Even with mine not
behaving properly, repeatedly clicking the Trash button does nothing.

I agree, though, that it would be nice to have some sort of one-click
way of toggling marked message flags.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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