[Users] when deleting a message, the previous message becomes active

Charles Stroom charles at stremen.xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 14 14:36:33 CEST 2018

Hey all,

when I delete a message from the summary list (the right-hand upper
part of the claws window), the message is deleted, but the previous
message becomes active in stead of the next message. Say I have 5
messages (A-E) in the summary list and C is active (highlighted) and I
push "delete" then C is gone to "Trash" and B is now highlighted. This
was not the case in a previous version, there D would highlighted.  The
current behaviour is a bit annoying and I would hope there is a setting
to change it but I have been unable to find one.  This is with Claws
Mail version 3.13.2, as RPM provided by Opensuse Leap 42.3.

The exception: if "A" is highlighted and deleted, then "B" becomes


Charles Stroom
email: charles at no-spam.stremen.xs4all.nl (remove the "no-spam.")

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