[Users] crash on Windows 8.1 caused by libcairo-2.dll

Cristian Secară liste at secarica.ro
Tue Jun 13 11:00:05 CEST 2017

I used Claws Mail (3.15.0, x64) on Windows 7 on my laptop for the last
two months or so without problems. Now on same laptop I installed
Windows 8.1 clean (also 64 bit) and then the same Claws Mail crashed
every 3-5 minutes. I could not identify any pattern before crash, I
also disabled all plugins but there was no difference.

The crash report involved libcairo-2.dll.
I took this file from a gtk+bundle package as found here
(which then asked for libpng16-16.dll, also found in that package) and
so the crashes no longer occurred. Later I replaced the same files from
Inkscape package (also 64 bit install) and so Claws Mail appears now to
be well and stable.

Sounds familiar ?


Cristian Secară

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