[Users] [Bug 3836] Give PGP/MIME signatures a name of "signature.asc" instead of "noname"

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Mon Jul 3 20:10:43 CEST 2017


--- Comment #10 from Olivier Brunel <jjk at jjacky.com> ---
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Add a 'signature.asc' name for PGP MIME signatures

For what it's worth, isn't it possible to simply add a "name" parameter to the
Content-Type, w/out adding a Content-Disposition header?

When this was first implemented (commit c099ea75) both that and a
Content-Disposition header were done, then later both removed. But maybe
keeping only the name parameter is enough to help w/out triggering
confusion/issues wrt antivirus & such.

(FWIW I believe it's what Mutt does.)

Attached patch does just that, which - from the few tests I could do - seems to
work fine w/ (claws ofc, as well as) gmail.


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