[Users] Both POP and IMAP access to the same account ?

Micha codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Feb 26 15:27:10 CET 2017

I dunno if its worth a separate therad. I guess all this happens because i'm fiddling around while migrating different accounts to IMAP, so pls allow me to add this here.


When i entered "configre accounts" and moved one IMAP account up the list (drag&drop), it seems to do that i expected - only modifying the view sorting. 

Later i looked up "configure accounts" again, now that IMAP account was cloned, one on top, another still at bottom.

I deletet the one at bottom, but when i closed the configurator, claws went guru. It wouldn't even restart after desktop manager "kill", i had to logout (probably killing the process) to do this. After this, claws asked me for the password of this account, even though its already configured in the account settings.

Now there's only one account visible for that address, as should be.

Just wonder why this happened. Did not use any keys. Is there a drag&drop action equivalent to cloning ? Why asking for password ?


Just before that incident, i found a "MH Mailbox" folder somehow appeared in my folder list. I can't say when, it's down the list at bottom, but i did not recognize this before. Looked up the accounts but there was no additional account, of course.
I maintain a local /var/mail mailbox, but its named "local" and points to another inbox and did not create such an additional folder, before. 
Could this have been triggered when i did "rebuild folder tree" on all existing mailboxes ?
Can i delete it safely ?

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