[Users] Both POP and IMAP access to the same account ?

Micha codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Feb 26 15:02:47 CET 2017


> The issue you are running into isn't a POP/IMAP one per se, rather
> it's the server-side policy that has your (POP) mail deleted after 5
> days. It's unusual to run both POP and IMAP against the same mail
> store, but if the messages in the mail store aren't deleted by a POP
> side policy then IMAP should be able to handle things more or less
> ok.

ok i'll try to figure this out.

Here's a new problem:

I moved mails between the POP and the IMAP account. Now there's one mail in IMAP, when i reply to, it always puts the reply into the POP mailbox Queue (but i disabled POP accounts and passwords already).

Maybe that mail i was responding to was originally received by POP, dunno (can i see any info about this in the headers?).

Another thing is, the reply has a Message-ID. But i can't see the "Generate Message ID" config parameter in IMAP.

I tried configuring default account in folder prefs but still is doing this.

I finally configured the Queue folder in the account prefs and that's works. But i don't understand why this was happening, and why i needed to configure this.


I just start to wonder why there is only one (MH) toplevel mailbox (with one Queue, one Sent etc.) for all my different POP accounts. I mean, this is what i want since i used filters to move stuff into specific custom folders. Shouldn't it rather be one set of default folders for each account, at account creation time ?  Just can't remember how i ended up there (since i created this stuff years ago) - did i explicitly configure / rename this somehow ? Can somebody pls poke into my brain :D

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