[Users] Both POP and IMAP access to the same account ?

Micha codejodler at gmx.ch
Sat Feb 25 14:06:09 CET 2017



What i want to have is both fetures, (1) to maintain the mailbox serverside from desktop GUI (which means IMAP) and still keep the local archive even if those mails are removed by POP download. Basically contradictory. 
I guess i finally have to migrate anything to IMAP anyway.

But maybe there's a workaround until then ?

I imagine that on travel, i work on laptop IMAP, but when beack home, and before POPping anything to the PC, i would copy the laptops IMAP folders to a local archive (adding to those mails already in there), which could be just a local mailbox.

Is it possible to automate this copy to some degree, like with a filter or prcessing rule ?  I mean, triggered by a key shortcut or so, not at receive time. Just to avoid to have to select and drag mails of all folders manually.

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