[Users] Both POP and IMAP access to the same account ?

Micha codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Feb 24 23:52:26 CET 2017


On the road, i'm using IMAP on different laptops. Actually i'm trying to set these up, right now, since i did POP on laptops before.

My home base is a PC with a dozen POP accounts, complex folder structure, and heavy filtering. After i learned how much work it would be to move these to IMAP (it seems to be necessary to recreate anything from scratch), i decided to leave this be POP for now.

My question now is, what will happen in the IMAP account when mails are deleted on the server, by POP (which is set to keep them for 5 days, by now). Will those mails disappear from the IMAP cache too, even if they were downloaded before ?


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