[Users] What's processing marks ?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Feb 17 01:14:46 CET 2017

Thanks Paul.

Uhm, i can't understand why the messages were deleted though. I don't want to complain here (although i have to admit it hits me sensibly because i lost the whole communication, which i had to reply today, and no other contact adress) i just want to understand how this 'marks' thing could appear when i never configured this before, in this or any account ?

I just discovered this account type is POP && do not remove msg after receive, -- not IMAP.  I am sorry for the confusion, i'm often on the road, using too many laptops in different locations :(

The other machine with claws, that i used the week before, has this same account configured as POP && "remove messages after 5 days". 

I looked into the providers web interface but the mails both weren't there, either. 

Most probably the first message was marked as deleted and probably even just deleted already. 

But the second one shouldn't be, it dropped in just today. 

Any idea what might have happened ?

( Don't blame me for complicating things ... the reasoning for this setup is historically, overlapping with security requirements of different locations. Actually i'm in the process of slowly moving things to IMAP but apparently it's not trivial with many accounts with large folder structures and when you still need, as a must, deep archives locally. To me, it means setting up new structures and completely new workflow. And i always lack time. So i need to stick with relicts very often, and even for years.)

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