[Users] Mark as deleted and expunge.

Eric S Pulley pulley at dabus.com
Thu Feb 9 21:13:51 CET 2017

Reading back through the change log I see that the functionality for
deleting email changed in 3.14. Now I can only see that mail is moved
to a Trash folder instead or marked for deletion then expunged. This
flies in the face of how I've always expected and wanted an IMAP client
to behave. Interestingly Expunge is still in the tools menu but always

I am wondering how I can get the standard IMAP client
functionality of; Flag Deleted and then exicute an Expunge restored.

I apologize for not bringing this up sooner but I work on a lot of slow
remote systems and don't upgrade my software as much as I probably
should. This is also the main reason I need to be able to flag messages
for deletion when I only have the header downloaded instead of actually
moving them around. I know I can turn off immediate execution of
commands but I'd rather use IMAP as intended and flag/delete unwanted
messages on the server before ever downloading them in the first

Thank you


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