[Users] Surprising actions behavior

Shai Berger shai at platonix.com
Sun Dec 17 01:01:08 CET 2017

Hi all,

I see some behaviors around actions, which I find surprising. I looked
for settings to fix these, but couldn't find them, and I want to ask
for your opinion before opening tickets and/or trying to fix them.

The version is 3.15.1 on Debian Testing, I compiled it myself in order
to include the Fancy plugin but other than that it's the released

In no particular order, here they are:

1) There seems to be no logging of actions available. I configured some
action, and it didn't do what I expected, and I had to debug by

2) "stop" is available as a filter-action when configuring Actions. It
really makes sense only in filters. I'm not sure if putting it in the
end of a list of actions causes any problems, because of no logging.

3) I defined a mark-as-spam action using a filter-action, to do the
- Execute a command (train my Bayesian filter that it's spam)
- Mark the message read
- Mark the message as spam
- Move the message to the junk folder
This looked like it did the first three, but failed to move the message
to the junk folder. At first, there was a "stop" in the end (because
the action was originally translated from a KMail filter), I removed it
and it didn't change anything. Then I tried to promote the "move"
operation so it ran earlier in the sequence.
3a) In the filter-action editor, I could move it wherever I liked, but
when I pressed OK, it wouldn't move before the mark_as_read.
3b) So I had the actions ordered as "execute, mark_as_read, move,
mark_as_spam" -- and now the messages are moved, but not marked as
spam. Is the filter-action in Actions limited to 3 actions only?

4) As noted, the action above includes a "move" operation, which means
that when it ends, the previously-selected message is no longer in the
active folder. I'd expect the next or previous message in the list to
be selected, like what happens when a message is deleted; but instead,
the selection jumped to the first unread message in the folder. In case
this matters, my preference for "selection when entering a new folder"
is "last message opened; none".

Is any of the above expected behavior? Assuming not, are there easy
ways to fix, or work around them?

Thanks, and sorry for the length,

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