[Users] [Bug 3682] some senders moving from http to https for remote content; Fancy does not display this

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Wed Sep 21 21:50:16 CEST 2016


--- Comment #6 from Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com> ---
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hand-crafted message illustrating the problem

Updating with my latest findings for the record.  
If I eventually find a solution, I'll update...

This problem is really weird... it doesn't seem to be impacted by how the
message is formatted: [non-]MIME, [non-]quoted-printable, ...

This is happening on multiple sources of html mail.  It became more noticeable
when one list's messages switched from http:// to https:// links.   At least,
that was the initial impression.

After much digging, the problem can be illustrated by the attached email which
I hand-crafted to minimize what Fancy has to deal with, and adds various

Every https:// link that Fancy attempts to get returns:
** (cm:26772): CRITICAL **: void
webkit_network_request_set_uri(WebKitNetworkRequest*, const gchar*): assertion
'soupURI' failed

This issue's impact is that I have to click each link to open it in the
browser; rather than give me a visual of the topic which would allow me to make
instant choices as to what might be of interest, or not.

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