[Users] Claws fails to autostart under LXDE.

52midnight 52midnight at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 05:44:33 CEST 2016

OK, so following the White King's advice, there are three issues here:

1. The requirements of the Desktop Environment, if any.

2. The requirements of the Window Manager, and I assume that, in a GUI,
there MUST be one, even if it's only twm (peace be upon you).

3. The relationship between an Application, the Window Manager, and the
Desktop Environment.

If the WM and the DE are in a happy marriage, the third point should be
a single issue. If they're in a conflicted relationship there'll be
three: between the App and the WM, between the App and the DE, and
between the App and the lawyers for the others.

> Perhaps you wanted to say, that the desktop environment, aka LXDE
> should fix it. Again, openbox, the window manager, doesn't use
> desktop files at all.

Perhaps I did, but I didn't.

> there's no need to care about desktop files at all.

Who doesn't need to care? I'm from an older generation in which the
developers of an app would accept responsibility for its behaviour in
any and every environment, even if only out of curiosity. You seem to
be from the modern generation which says that "If I don't understand it
then it's not my problem". Both are valid points of view. I'm a
newcomer here and I'll let the Claws community decide where they stand.

For the record, here's the Hoyle:


LXSession supports the autostarting of applications at login, using
both the freedesktop.org Autostart spec and lxsession's own autostart
configuration files. To use the freedesktop.org Autostart way, put your
*.desktop files of those applications in ~/.config/autostart, and they
will get executed when the session starts. To use the lxsession
autostart way, add a line with an @ followed by the command to be run
to your ~/.config/lxsession/<profile>/autostart file.


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