[Users] Claws fails to autostart under LXDE.

52midnight 52midnight at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 05:13:32 CEST 2016

More generally, this is one of the issues I'm seeing much more of as (I
assume) many Lx developers move from the Desktop to the Mobile arena,
leaving Desktop bereft of developers, especially the experienced ones.
May be just my own opinion.

The more I see of Claws, the more I'm impressed by what I'd call the
design philosophy. However, it's bound to run afoul of the issue I've
presented here, that the broader Desktop Environment is becoming

One response to this is, of course, Balkanization: split it up into
small communities that hardly talk to each other. The increasingly
dominant response is corporatization: let the Big Guys take over and
sue anyone who gets in their way. Neither is desirable IMO.

Completely off-topic, of course, but something I think needs considered
attention, if only because Claws is likely to become a victim of
whatever outcome eventuates.


BTW, just noticed spelling correction - MUST give thanks for it!

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