[Users] Ghost emails / very strange POP behavior

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Mon May 30 23:33:18 CEST 2016


I'm using claws with different devices, mainly PC and laptop.

My usual mail custom is to download via POP to my PC, and have all mails deleted on the providers server. On the road, using my laptop, i download via POP too but do not delete. (The reason is rare internet connection.)

Now this happens: 4 days ago, someone sent me a mail which i read on the road. The mail should have been kept at server, undeleted. We exchanged some 2 more mails.

Yesterday, i arrived at home and downloaded all mails the usual way. Because i was really busy, didn't recognize that the above mails did not appear in my claws inbox ! Just the usual way, i POPed my mails several time this evening. I repeat, that should also delete all mails at server.

Todoay, being in another place, i even logged in by webmail (using firefox) and found some 3 mails, but did not see the ones in question. There's no way i could have overlooked them !

Later that day, at home again, i POPed my mails the usual way to my PC again, and THIS time some mails went in: The original mail sent by my friend, and her answer ! (My intermediate answer written from my laptop got stored there, so that's ok). Also, a new reply to that last answer, just from today.

I am totally stunned how this works out !

Maybe the new answer triggered something. But how could those original mails be NOT downloaded to my PC, and the same time be NOT visible in the webmailer, and THEN drop in some days later ???

My best gess is they DID went in but somehow got 'lost' or hidden by claws; abd then, with the new reply, suddenly became visible again ?

That's why i'm asking you. Is it possible ? WHAT would be possible at all here ?

I asked the provider (it's Berlin posteo.de, a sound address) the same question, waiting for answer. 

Please tell me your ideas !

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