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On Sat, 21 May 2016 23:34:09 +0800
John Serink <john_serink at trimble.com> wrote:

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>Hello All:
>To get this to work I had to generate a google apps password for
>claws-email and use this rather than my email password to connect. It
>has something to do with the fact that I enabled 2 factor
>authentication and that won't work with devices.
>it seems after I left my machine for a few hours that claws 'forgot'
>the password as it kept asking for one...
>So I had to revoke the old one and issue a new one which I wrote down
>so if it happens again, I've got it.
>Anyhow, my question has to do with the folders after the gmail
>connection came up. Gmail created its own folder in the folder tree
>from Claws and under the gmail folder is:
>All Mail,
>Sent Mail,
>Does anyone know how to get gmail to use the same folders as claws?
>Its a bit messy as is.

Setup the GMail account as Pop3 rather than IMAP and the mail/can will
be sent to the same inbox as the other POP3 accounts.

Mike Yetto
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