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John Serink john_serink at trimble.com
Sat May 21 17:35:00 CEST 2016

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Hi All:

I have been experimenting with readpst and got it to work with a
relatively simple pst file I have that had just two folders, inBoz and
Sent. I converted it like this:
readpst -D -M -r -o Zmail2007 PersonalFolders2007.pst

It created the following:
├── Zmail2007
│   └── Personal Folders2007
│   ├── InBox
│   │   └── mbox
│   └── SentItems
│   └── mbox

So, I created a new mailbox called 2007 and I imported this guy:
├── Zmail2007
│   └── Personal Folders2007
│   ├── InBox
│   │   └── mbox
To the new inbox folder and this guy:
├── Zmail2007
│   └── Personal Folders2007
│   └── SentItems
│   └── mbox
To the new sent items folder.
The only hiccups were that some email addresses that outlook had
replaced with alias did not show up, just the alias did. All the
attachments are there, its all good.

Problem is, the next folder I want to bring over has over 200 folders
in it and it will create an mbox file for each folder which means I'd
have to create a new mailbox and manually create everyone of the 200
folders and manually import each one.....
That will take weeks....
Someone else must have already crossed this bridge. Any ideas on how to
automate this?


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