[Users] Cannot connect to SMTP servers via SSL/465

Andrej Kacian andrej at kacian.sk
Sat May 21 09:42:34 CEST 2016

On Sat, 21 May 2016 05:54:23 +0200
nvx <nvx2004 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> However, every time I try to send mail via SSL/465 (no matter the
> server) on the second laptop, it fails and the log says that the SSL
> handshake has failed. I am sure that all the settings are correct
> because on the original laptop it works fine as well as on the second
> laptop when using Thunderbird.

Hi, you probably used newer version of Claws Mail on your other system.
Version 3.9.3 you are using now has trouble connecting to some servers
which have disabled SSLv3 protocol in favor of TLSv1 and newer.

I strongly suggest upgrading to at least version 3.11.1, but ideally to
the latest version 3.13.2. If you can not upgrade you should be able use
one of the workarounds described in


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