[Users] Cannot connect to SMTP servers via SSL/465

nvx nvx2004 at hotmail.com
Sat May 21 05:54:23 CEST 2016

Since I am very happy with Claws Mail compared to Thunderbird (mainly
due to its snappiness and low memory consumption), I decided to use CM
also on my other Linux laptop. I moved all the relevant settings by
just copying the config files -- this should not cause any problems, I
think, because the respective username is the same on both machines and
therefore the paths listed in the config files do exist.

However, every time I try to send mail via SSL/465 (no matter the
server) on the second laptop, it fails and the log says that the SSL
handshake has failed. I am sure that all the settings are correct
because on the original laptop it works fine as well as on the second
laptop when using Thunderbird.

I tried to uncheck the "non-blocking SSL" but that did not solve the
problem. I also tried to create some of the offending accounts anew but
saw no improvement either.

Receiving mail via SSL and sending mail via TLS works as expected.
Still, some of the servers which I need to connect to support only
SSL/465 (or unencrypted 25 :/ ).

Is there anything I could try to change in the settings to get the SSL
connection working?



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