[Users] Feature request: More then 1 alternative dictionary

osterd at gmx.de osterd at gmx.de
Sun May 15 17:12:38 CEST 2016

Hello Claws-Mail developers,

for a long time I've been doing very well with just two different dictionaries
for spell checking. However as time passes and I learned more languages I have
now at least three languages that I write my e-mails in.

Would it be possible with little effort to modify the spell checking
configuration page in a way that an "arbitrary" number of languages can be
used? E.g. by picking the candidates from a list of installed dictionaries.
Since enchant run's in the backend it shouldn't be to difficult to iterate
through all the dictionaries in the list. Is it?

For the moment I'm thinking about hot-fixing my problem by creating a joint
aspell dictionary from two dictionaries. However this is certainly not the way
to go in the long run.


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