[Users] password protection

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Thu Jan 28 23:38:36 CET 2016


i think it boils down to that. 

What i can do is: replace the claws mail binary by a wrapper script, which asks for the password. I need to investigate if i can use an existing tool (like gksu or sudo or some keyring manager) to spare me the hassle to script the encryption.
Or maybe there exist some software (or do we say 'app' today ?) doing exactly that job. After all, it turns out that if you needed something, then there always are others who needed it too.

Chads mount solution sounds technically cool, and might be the safe bet. I'll look into it too. Actually, a sandbox is another cool thing :) but then, i'd rather not play 'dirty'. It's ok if they all know this is a protected thing, end of story.

A related question, can i safely rename .claws-mail, including the IMAP cache, to something different and launch with --alternate-config-dir ?

Ralf, IIUR you're running a browser in a xhost 'demilitarized zone' ? (Something that Windows should do, for sure.) Well, i'd still need to setup a separate account and there might be problems with loading / saving / playing attachments and stuff. I doubt it's usable for my scenario.

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