[Users] confirm 7d98e53f302732b7e4be9854c3690e78dbeecae9

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Sun Jan 24 17:24:45 CET 2016

Hi list,

No, this is not another attempt to post my (modified) password. But
something strange is going on...

The confirm message ends up in my Claws-Mail folder (IMAP). This folder
has been configured to use users at lists.claws.org as default for To: when
composing and replying. So when I compose a new message while
viewing this folder it goes to the correct list.

My interpretation of "default" would be that this value is supplied when
there is no sender information available (as is the case when composing a
new message).

The confirm message from the list manager has a good sender address, so I
would expect Claws to NOT supply the default To: in this case.

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