[Users] vCalendar roadmap

KA soldes at gmx.fr
Tue Jan 19 12:37:18 CET 2016

Hi Team,
Is there any plan to improve vCalendar ?
For anyone who uses just a little bit a calendar, this is hardly usable in a day 2 day basis.

- the graphical interface is not easy to look at
- recurring elements slow down the system
- there is no possibility to merge the calendars

I admit that sometimes, I am might be too demanding in my requests because I believe Claws has really good features
and when I watch some desktops, more than one expert does have it installed (particularly when it delay with GnuPG)
but here ... honestly ... and I say it with sincere respect of the developpers that offer this tool, vCalendar is absolutely not of the same quality that the rest of the product,
and can be, today, in many cases, a show stopper.


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