[Users] Claws sometimes crashes

Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Tue Jan 19 07:53:12 CET 2016

On Mon, 18 Jan 2016 19:44:10 -0500
Steve Litt <slitt at troubleshooters.com> wrote:

> Paul recommended upgrading Claws. I've done that in the past: It's
> doable, but it's not easy to compile up your own Claws-Mail on a distro
> with older libraries, and personally I wouldn't do it with the thought
> that it "might" fix the problem, unless the problem gets very hard to
> live with.
we are talking of a version of claws-mail which is older than the
version shipping with Debian Stable, more precisely the version shipped
with Debian old-stable (aka Debian Wheezy), so this version does not
receive any more security fixes (for claws-mail) and properly not for a
number of other packages. The only sane advice to give here is to
advice OP to do a distribution upgrade.

Michael Rasmussen

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