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  Thank you for your help.  I am working through it all now.  I will
reply back as it gets going or I need a bit more help.  I do have a
question.  The folderlist.xml changes will be going as you said.  The
question I have on the slashes is does the same edit need to be in the
accountrc file?  That one contains the paths for the various folders. 
Or since that is internal to Claws, does it not need any changes?


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On Wed, 6 Jan 2016 23:39:49 +0100, Andrej wrote:

> > If you create the subfolder while on windows, it'll be saved in
> > folderlist.xml as: path="inbox\subfolder". 
> If this happens, it is a bug. The internal path should always use
> forward slashes, and Windows version of Claws Mail should translate
> it to backslashes when constructing a filesystem path out of it.
> I will take a look at the code. :)

No, this is intentional. I had discussed this.

Windows documentation asks developers to use backslash (\) although
they say Windows will dynamically translate any forward slashes (/)
in a path into backslashes.

See second bullet under "Naming Conventions" at:

The bit about / becoming \ at run-time is mentioned as a Note under
"Maximum Path Length Limitation" a bit down.

My uninformed belief is that since folder path is appended to mailbox
path to figure out where to perform file operations, it was thought
of as OS-level folder path, rather than a Claws-specific contextual
path relative to mailbox path, and hence the above MS recommendation
of using \ in paths has been followed.

So you'll most likely see a OS conditional in the code that forces
use of \ in folderlist.xml for Windows.
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