[Users] claws mail question

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Mon Jan 4 13:36:54 CET 2016


I wondered about this for long. if i switch my POP account to IMAP, then how do i upload my (probably several thousand) Mails to the IMAP Server ??

Well, FAT ... on a local machine in a trusted environment, there's probably no issues with permissions. 

Except that your FAT mails can be hacked by Windows viruses anytime (and there i agree to Ralf, i won't do critical stuff on a Windows OS). And there we are, you can talk a lot about the advantages of Windows - and then it's virus, game over.

I understood the OP wants to move from Windows to Linux completely but need some transition time and the emergency fallback. It's aleways the same idea, i think. I didn't use my laptop Windows for some years, before i coould summon the courage to just delete it. I've got 2 Debian and one archlinux each on different hardware, with more or less identical setup, which makes me feel safe in case one of them barfs after an update. I believe i can work on just like usual on even if two fail at a time. 

Sharing claws preferences on filesystem level is not the point for me, i'd rather do it by network, NAS or with my own webdav server. But for security reasons, i don't want to keep my main mail archive on my laptops anyway. I do external backups and in the worst case, i can restore my main claws on any other machine.

wow this thread's got an incisive subject title :)

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