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Chris Hirst <claws-mail at fy3.co.uk> wrote:

> Microsoft have ALWAYS been known for making their products perfectly
> okay with the crappy code their other products churn out, rather than
> fixing the problem at source, hence Infernet Exploder would be
> 'happy' with 'webpages' created by FrontPage, Word, Publisher or
> PowerPoint while other browsers would 'choke' on their coding
> 'standards', Outlook 2007 onwards is no different, as it's HTML
> rendering engine is the same one used by MS Word.

Oh, it's worse than that, or at least it was when I worked at Microsoft
just before 2000. There is one library that is used to interpret HTML,
and one that is used to create it. all programs use one or the other.
The same people wrote and maintain both. So if they, deliberately or
inadvertently, veer away from the standard, they will never know it.

The right way to do it is to have one group write each one, and for
each to insist on the other adhering to the standards. But Microsoft's
management wouldn't do that then.

See ESR on the Cathedral and the Bazaar.


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