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Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Sun Feb 7 20:05:24 CET 2016

On Sun, 7 Feb 2016 18:32:12 +0000
Chris Hirst <claws-mail at fy3.co.uk> wrote:

> hi ,
> no actual errors just a compiler warning;
> output from ./configure;
> >> checking whether to build python plugin... no
> >> configure: WARNING: "Plugin python will not be built; missing python "  

That's late on the configure process, it must be other references to
python checks before that. Can you post them?

> Now I know python is installed correctly as I can run python scripts,
> other applications that are written in, or use Python as 'plugins' or
> 'extensions' work correctly, Calibre ('e'book reader), qbittorrent search
> for example.
> Python has been built from source (2.7.11 & 3.5.1) with no configuration
> predicates to remove modules as I never know what I may be asked to do by
> anyone.

That only tells me that you have python interpreter binary in PATH,
though I don't know how those programs work, so I could be wrong.

For building python module you need the shared python library to be
dlopen-able (IOW, the installation path included in ld configuration and
cache updated) and python-config also in PATH, see configure.ac for the

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