[Users] folder properties 'chmod'

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Feb 2 14:42:54 CET 2016


> No, it was a feature I implemented for so called shared folders,
> this was before IMAP.
> Imagine a team of people working on the same project and all project
> related mails are copied to the same folder. This setting makes it
> possible for all users to access the message.
> Of course one could achieve similar effect by setting umask but then
> all files created by mailer would be affected.

I don't want to offend but i wonder if that feature is obsolete today. Although it can be used, i doubt anybody is using it. There are much more flexible ways, like sharing an IMAP account or (on same machine) launching a separate claws with its own config. Or maybe your scenario was a terminal server (be it over ssh or xhost or whatever) with LAN connected devices ... still, wouldn't you share not a single folder but simply the whole MUA?

OTOH, what i was thinking when i stumbeld over it was, it could be a way to *restrict* mails to be read by anybody else (setting umask 777 or permissions 000) like when you want to archive stuff and make it hard for someone not familiar with claws to snoop them casually (referring to my weird case of compromised privacy that was discussed before); but, for one, this situation should be totally rare, and second, a solution still showing the folder and mail summary would be poor; and it would be more effective just to hide a folder than modifying the permissions.

-- mi

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