[Users] Pretty easy Privacy

Henriette osterd at gmx.de
Tue Feb 2 04:32:33 CET 2016

Hello Claws-Mail developers,

short time ago I learned about a project called PEP as in Pretty easy Privacy.
It is a very ambitious project and from what I learned mostly driven by guys
from a German hackerspace. When I heard that enigmail is working with them and
it already uses GPG4Win, I instantly thought of the Claws Mail. Since Claws
Mail is shipped to all the Windows distro's in the GPG4Win bundle anyway it
would be reasonable to integrate PEP. As a bonus all the *nix users could have
then PEP with either Claws Mail or Enigmail. :)

Basically what PEP should provide is a auto-configuration layer to GnuPG. (At
least as far as Claws Mail is concerned.
This auto-configuration layer includes key exchange/fingerprinting(in words)
and by default GPG crypto with plain text as a fall back. It would thus provide
useful to any inexperienced or just too lazy user.

In the later development of PEP its functionality might grow far more as
indicated to allow File synchronization across devices using GnuNET etc. But
that's a distro issue.

Given the plugin system of Claws mail the mail part of PEP should be rather easy
to combine integrate, provided that the PEP API is reasonably.
I haven't seen it yet, but from what they were telling there should be only a
hand full of functions there.

They have some very extensive talks etc. online at:

At http://pep-project.org/2014-09/ some German talks can be found. The CCCZH
one was especially informative. And they promised to do a English talk soon.

Since the whole project does not only sound as one answer to Snowden but also
seems to be backed up by competent developers I would love to see it grow.

In principle I would give such a module a try myself, but since I don't posses
any experience in developing crypto stuff, I would rather have it done by sbdy.

What do you think about it?


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