[Users] Scary composer feature: disappearing address fields

blind Pete peter_s_d at fastmail.com.au
Tue Feb 2 04:29:11 CET 2016

On Fri, 29 Jan 2016 11:00:20 -0500
Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 29 Jan 2016 18:18:04 +1100 blind Pete wrote:
> >Is it possible to make it visually obvious that scrolling 
> >has occurred? 
> I think so...  IMHO, the problem is that the scroll occurs when the
> FIRST character is entered into the 2nd field.  Can this auto-scroll
> not occur when the user either hits Enter or clicks on the next
> field?  That way, the newly entered field (2nd) will move to position
> #1 (still visible). That will provide a subliminal change that should
> make it obvious there was motion...

Would this be more obvious?  

When entering the 2nd field scroll by HALF a field so that; the
existence of the 1st field (and the fact that it is not empty) can be
seen, the 2nd is clear for input, and the existence of the next (3rd)
can be seen.  Enter would take you to the 3rd field with part of the 2nd
and 3rd showing.  


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