[Users] "Replied"-icon after mail was discarded

Charles A Edwards cae at eslrahc.com
Thu Aug 11 20:34:22 CEST 2016

On Thu, 11 Aug 2016 17:42:53 +0100
Paul wrote:

> > In short, Claws 3.14.0-2-ge48b739 flagged a mail with the
> > "Replied"-icon, while there never happened a reply.  
> That's unusual. Are you sure that the mail wasn't actually sent?

I can confirm that this does occur.

If message is canceled before sending but After SMTP connection is
made, message will be flagged with "Replied"-icon but no message is
actually sent.

Below is log portion from test

* Account 'Eslrahc.com': Connecting to SMTP server:
  mail.eslrahc.com:25... [14:19:38] SMTP< 220 dpmail17.doteasy.com
[14:19:38] ESMTP> EHLO SuperSize.eslrahc.com
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 250-dpmail17.doteasy.com Hello []
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 250-SIZE 31457280
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 250-AUTH LOGIN CRAM-MD5
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 250-8BITMIME
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 250 OK
[14:19:38] ESMTP> AUTH CRAM-MD5
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 334
[14:19:38] ESMTP< [Decoded:
<-947169787.636065111841593424 at dpmail17.doteasy.com>]
[14:19:38] ESMTP> [Encoded: cae at eslrahc.com
[14:19:38] ESMTP>
[14:19:38] ESMTP< 235 Authentication successful
[14:19:38] SMTP> MAIL FROM:<cae at eslrahc.com>
[14:19:38] SMTP< 250 OK <cae at eslrahc.com> Sender ok
[14:19:38] SMTP> RCPT TO:<cae at eslrahc.com>
[14:19:38] SMTP< 250 OK <cae at eslrahc.com> Recipient ok
[14:19:38] SMTP> DATA
[14:19:39] SMTP> QUIT 


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