[Users] sometimes claws forget the read-status of messages

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Wed Aug 3 23:10:08 CEST 2016

As a sidenote, i had a single suddenly-unread message in IMAP folder. I noticed this first when i was casually using the providers webinterface (which i rarely do). It was an old mail which i certainly (200%) have read before. 
It was standing out in a mass of read mails. I could not have overlooked this before, so it must have been set to 'unread' just recently !

A few days ago, it happened again. Suddenly an older mail was set to 'unread'. (And again, i was in there by the webmail interace.)

Because i was irritated, i asked the provider if there's a way this can happen just from 'their end' somehow and they said, no.

My best guess then was that when i went into the makilbox web interface by smartphone, i might have switched the "read" status accidently when scrolling through the list. (The list has a column for this status, and one click switches the status hither and forth.) Scrolling with smartphone is flakey, and the webmailer is not device optimizied so the list view was not scaled (way too small anyting) and difficult to handle.

This might bre unrelated, because if was only two incidents and everytime, only a single mail.

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