[Users] filtering: from matchcase limited to <user at domain.tld> only?

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Tue Aug 2 18:56:37 CEST 2016

On Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:32:05 -0400 pf at pfortin.com wrote:

This is getting crazy...  since my original query, I've received 2 new
messages which were correctly filtered.  

enabled rulename "Instructables" from matchcase "\"Instructables\"" & from matchcase "sendgrid.net" move "#mh/Mailbox/Instructables"
enabled rulename "Instructables.re" from regexpcase "Instructables.*sendgrid.net" move "#mh/Mailbox/Instructables"

The first rule still contains escape quotes which were added based on a
suggestion from Charles.

I can move these new messages
into the inbox, while one does not...

Defies filtering:
>From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>

Auto-filters and manually filters OK:
>From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>
>From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>

Looking at the raw messages:
$ grep "From:" inbox/19504
inbox/19504:From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>
                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (see below)
$ grep "Reply-To:" inbox/{19504,19505}
inbox/19504:Reply-To: sender at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net
$ grep "From:" Instructables/{34,35}
Instructables/34:From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>
Instructables/35:From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>
$ grep "Reply-To:" Instructables/{34,35}
Instructables/34:Reply-To: sender at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net
Instructables/35:Reply-To: sender at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.netLooks 

Just noticed something really strange: so I moved the 2 latest messages
into the inbox, as well as one from before the failing one... (4)
In the summary pane, the problem message does not display
"Instructables" (see image below).

My original filtering attempts were based on what was visible within CM.
In fact, when I view the destination folder, only the most recently
received messages display "Instructables" in the From column. All others
do not...

I'm now suspecting a change in CM that affected caching... 

Moved the failing message manually from inbox to Instructables folder;
now displays in the summary pane for that message...

HOWEVER, all the previous messages do not display \"Instuctables\" which
exists in each message's From: field.

Looks like the reason my filter failed is that the cache is not only used
to display the Summary pane; but is what is used for filtering rather
than the original message...  That seems to explain why this filter was

As confirmation, moved the message back to inbox, Tools->Filter selected
now works on this message with NO changes...   

So this appears to confirm that the cache didn't always have a complete
copy of the From: field....

   <user at domain.tld>  v. "string" <user at domain.tld>

Additional test: created new sub-folder to which I moved all the
messages, and \"Instuctables\" is now visible on all messages. Moved them
back to the main folder and all messages now show the full From: field as
they exist within the messages...


>When filtering, only part of "From" field is checked?
>  From: "Instructables" <no-reply at u1924168.wl.sendgrid.net>
>These rules fail:
>enabled rulename "Instructables" from matchcase "sendgrid.net" & from
>    matchcase "instructables" move "#mh/Mailbox/Instructables" enabled
>rulename "Instructables.re" from regexpcase "instructables.*sendgrid.net"
>    move "#mh/Mailbox/Instructables"
>[10:16:56] processing rule 'Instructables' [ from matchcase
>    "sendgrid.net" & from matchcase "instructables" move
>    "#mh/Mailbox/Instructables" ] 
>[10:16:56] checking if message matches [ from matchcase "sendgrid.net" ]
>[10:16:56] checking if message matches [ from matchcase "instructables" ]
>> message does not match  
>[10:16:56] processing rule 'Instructables.re' [ from regexpcase
>    "instructables.*sendgrid.net" move "#mh/Mailbox/Instructables"]
>[10:16:56] checking if message matches [ from regexpcase
>    "instructables.*sendgrid.net" ]
>> message does not match  
>I had a different 2nd check in the first rule; but that quit working due
>to change in messages -- so tried the above to no avail...
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